Monday, February 4, 2008

First New Palm Sprouts !!!!!!!

All Right day 20 of the blog and I broke 1000 visitors today. Thanks to everyone that keeps checking on my plants. Now that thanks are out of the way. This morning i woke up and checked on all the seed trays before work and BAM..... I had my first ever palm sprouts from seed. 3 Veitchia Merrillii, or Christmas Palm sprouts. So after work they got pulled from the domes and planted. I placed all 3 in 1 pot to started my first 3 banger set. Also tonight i'm including one of the first orchid shots from my girls collection. This is an orchid that i picked up from GARDENFEST this passed weekend It is some kind of Dedrobium named Woon Leng. I have just begun to read and learn about orchids so if anyone has tips, or if i show, or do something wrong with these beauties please inform me. Thanks again to everyone following this blog.

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