Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tillandsia fasciculata , Tillandsia utriculata Air Plants

I have some of these Tillandsia fasciculata , or Quill-Leaf , Cardinal Air Plant , Wild Pineapple are some of the names I have heard these plants called growing on my property. The first shot has it in bloom with a bright red flower, the second shows 1 with pups attached to it. The third shot has a variety of air plants in bloom growing on an old live oak. How many blooms can you see. The last is a different air plant. This 1 is called Tillandsia utriculata , Giant Air Plant or Giant Wild Pine. It is one of the largest species of bromeliads in Florida. This plant grows a huge stalk out of the middle and as the bloom begins, the plant starts to die. Sadly, these plants are declining due to the Mexican Bromeliad Weevil attack, as well as habitat destruction and some collecting, and are now listed as endangered species by the state of Florida.

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