Friday, February 15, 2008

Wild Florida Orchids

Today I had a chance to get over to my property for a quick checking. What did I find on the first live oak I looked at. Well besides over 20 different air plants there were some big wild Florida orchids growing on the trunk right at the bottom of the tree. So I snapped a few shots for all of you. I know orchids 2 days in a row but this was very unexpected. WOW I only got to look a the first tree. There must be at least 8 more huge live oaks on the property so maybe there will be a lot more. It is against the law to collect any FL orchids but this tree will be in the front yard 1 day when I finally can afford that dream house. I am very excited about the find a the potential of how many more there could be. I hope to make it back this weekend. The first shot is a view from the street, then from the orchids and then some of the air plants. Unfortunitly I just missed the orchid blooms, but some of the air plants still have blooms. the pics are still spectacular.

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