Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wild Encyclia tampensis Butterfly Orchid

Update. I want to thank all the people that have filled me in on all the information on my find. They have been identified as Encyclia tampensis or Butterfly orchids. Now the best part is i went back this past weekend and found that there were 5 seperate orchid colonies on that spot on the Live Oak Tree. 2 of the colonies are over 12" wide and at least 7" across. 1 colony is 8"wide and 5" across. and the last 2 are new baby colonies that are just a few bulbs each. I was told that they should bloom in my area in May and June so new spikes should be on there way pretty soon and there are "zillions of different color forms ranging from green-on-white to orange to nearly solid red-bronze and they're all nicely fragrant"(thanks Settled Soul ). I am very excited to see what colors come out this year. I will have updates on the progress of these colonies and all the blooms. So check back for future updates. I am very excited I am reading up on the process of growing new babies from these and am going to talk to some neighbors and try to repopulate these butterfly orchids in our little spot of paradise.

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