Friday, February 22, 2008

Musa acuminata , Ice Cream Banana Update

Since I have a new update on the Musa acuminata , Ice Cream Banana. I have decided to do progression shots from the time I started taking photos . The first set is from 12/18/07, the second set is from 1/16/08, the third set is from 2/11/08 when the lawnman hacked the baby w/ the weedwacker, and the last set is from 2/20/08 with the update of my new leaf coming from the trunk that was cut. Maybe this will comeback stronger than before. Also the hacked baby still has not died. It is still 1/4 attached maybe I'll get 2.


  1. OOH, that weed whacker! Cute photos of the plant.

    JJ :D

  2. We have these bananas in Portugal. I wish I could grow stuff like this outside. Back to my orchids!