Monday, February 25, 2008

Veitchia merrillii , Christmas Palm Sprouts

Today in a tray that I had dropped 50 Veitchia merrillii , Christmas Palm seeds in back in the middle of Dec. 07 I found 49 sprouted and broke the suface of the dirt. I spent about an hour trying to replant these in new pots. 25 made it into the seedling stand, and the other 24 were split up in between some 1 gallons an I planted some 3 and 4 bangers. Some how a Canary Island Date Palm seed made it in the tray, it also sprouted and actually had its 1st strap leaf on its way. Just a little added bonus.

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  1. I've grown these from seed as well. The seedlings do best in the shade where they retain a darker leaf colour. Don't be dismayed by a bleaching of the leaves if you leave them in a sunny location as they will grow just the same. It's interesting that you were able to grow them in February. I'll have to try that.