Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Sprout Update

The first update is on the Ponderosa Lemon Tree seeds that were planted 0n 12/16/07. The single image is from and older post on 1/20/08. It has 2 nice leaves on it now. The multi shot is of 4 other sprouts, 1 of them has been trying to shed the outer shell for a couple days now. Next is a shot of the seeds. The same as the sprouts. The first of these is a Jacaranda acutifolia, Blue Jacaranda Tree planted on 1/1/08, this is also from an older post on 1/17/08. Then we have the first shot of a Pachypodium lamerii, or Madagascar Palm. And also my first shot of this Himalayacalamus falconeri, or Candy Cane Bamboo that was planted on 1/6/08. This is planted in kitty litter that is placed in a ziplock bag with a mixture of 10-10-10 and water. I never had heard of this before but, that is what the man said to do that gave me the seeds and 3 of 6 have sprouted so far. Not bad for a couple weeks. here is a link to a picture of a more mature speciman of the candy cane bamboo.

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