Saturday, January 26, 2008

PalmTree Shots

Today i have a few different pictures. I first shots are of some palms that are on a piece of property that i own, and will 1 day have a really nice house on it. I stress 1 day. No time soon. A lot of the palms have different climbing vines on them. Also there are a few palms growing almost laying down thanks to the hurricanes we tend to experience here in S. FL. Then we have some shots of tonight. My woodworking buddy J-Lead-Lo and I banged out a plant stand for the porch and got all the wood cut for the tree pot boxes. I came home and could not wait. I had to assemble 1 of the boxes to see how it was going to work. The first 1 is done minus the handles and measures 23"X21.5"X12" and it holds 25 of the 4"X14" pots. I will hopefully have the others done Sat.

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