Monday, January 28, 2008

Starting Another Batch of Seeds

I saw someone post that they started bismarkia's seeds in 5 days with this method. So I giving this method a shot. I am starting 3 Canary Island Date Palms-Phoenix canariensis, 3 Redneck Palms-Dypis lastelliana, 5 Mexican Blue Palms-Brahea Armata, 10 Ruffled Potato Chip Palm-Licuala grandis. I have given the seeds a 24 hour hot soak on the mug warmer. Then I soaked the perlite for 24 hours also to clean any fertilizers that may have been on it. I placed the perlite in to go containers, that I scored from a friend at a pizza shop, and placed the seeds in the perlite. Then I closed the containers and placed them in the new seed box. I will post updates as soon as they start their germination.

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