Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A few Palm Tree shots with their babies

One of my favorite things about where I live, besides the Indian River Lagoon, the ocean, and my buddies who have boats is the fact we have different palm species everywhere. There really is never a need to buy a palm tree here. well except for those rare 1's. I will show you my collection someday. But were taking it 1 day at a time here. Everyday I go to work I seem to find another nice tree or collection of trees in in a parking lot, on the side of the road, in an empty lot, or yes even in somebodies yard. But I always talk to the person first before going in their yard. There are seeds and seedlings just about every place you look. I never really carried a camera with me but now I seem to have it every place i go. I had to work late again today and only have a couple shots from around town today. 2 are of Washingtonia robusta, Mexican Fan Palms mamas and there baby palms in an island in a local parking lot. Then 2 are from a local gas station and i believe it is a Livistona chinensis, a Chinese Fan or Fountain Palm and its blue-green fruit still on it. And the last 2 are next to work they are Rhapis excelsa, the Lady Palm and some seedlings all around. Please note that I am not a palm expert by any means I try to id the palms by pictures from the internet so if i am ever wrong please post a comment and correct me. It sucks I have so many seeds I need to clean and plant. Just never enough time in the day. Also a new a technique to try out for seed germination that someone posted on a forum for me from northern Greece. Thanks AMOTO. I have been getting new friends from all over the world. i have had visitors from 64 different countries reading this little blog i only started 15 days ago. In plant life that is probable less that a minute. My plants just can not grow fastest enough. sigh ....But I know you can't rush perfection. Man I am having so much fun. I hope you all are also enjoying this. It sucks that stupid work thing keeps holding me back.

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