Monday, March 31, 2008

$32 of Disappointment

I have been anticipating an ebay purchase in the mail. I bought 50 plumeria seeds, 40 Rhapis subtilis seeds, and 5 Eulophia graminea orchid bulbs from a seller in Thailand, Well the package was in the mail box today. And this what was inside. Growing instructions for plumeria seeds and a US Dept. of Ag. Mail Interception Notice. No bulbs...just $32 growing instructions on some seeds I don't have. I guess the seller did not send a pyto-sanitary certificate with the seeds and customs intercepted and then mailed my empty box to me. Man I wanted that stuff.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My 1st Rescue has Paid Off!

On Feb. 9, I posted the first picture of this NOID Phalaenopsis orchid. This is the orchid that I saved from the trash on a moving job. Well this morning the last bloom finally opened. Full bloom! Here is a series of pictures that I have taken over this blooming period. The 1st picture was taken on 2/9/08, 2nd 2/27, 3rd 2/29, 4th 3/2, 5th 3/4, 6th 3/12, 7th 3/18, 8th 3/22, 9th 3/24, and the last 2 are from 3/30. Not bad for and orchid that was just being tossed in the trash almost dead.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Paph Raisen Pie 'Hsinying' X SIB Paph. Supersuk 'Eureka' in Bloom

This Paphiopedilum orchid is a Paph Raisen Pie 'Hsinying' X SIB Paph. Supersuk 'Eureka'. This is my first paph and it has finally opened its bloom. Paphs are so unusual with their lower cup lip. It looks hairy and the bright colors are so vivid. I am very excited about my first paph. I just hope to keep it alive till the next bloom.Here are some pictures from this evening.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mounting an Orchid to a Palm Tree Slab

My 2 favorite things coming together palm trees and orchids. At the beach a few weeks ago I found a palm tree decaying away. I seemed to be decaying from the inside out. I thought this might be a pretty sweet mount for an orchid. So I grabbed a few pieces and brought them home. The first thing I did was soak them in clean water for 2 days trying to remove any bugs and help remove any salt left from the ocean. I allowed them to dry in the sun for almost a week before I tried to mount any orchids to it So they seem to be very fiberous and have a very nice curve to them so the orchid should be happy. I mounted 2 small Dendobiums to 2 pieces and the other receive a large Cattleyas Haleahi Serenity. I added a little spaghnum moss in between the roots and slab to help hold some moisture in for the roots. I drilled a coulpe little holes with a drill bit so the wire ties would fit through and C. Haleahi Serenity I also used the mesh it came in to help hold the moss in place for now. I do not know how long these slabs are going to hold up but for now the look sweet mounted on the wall on the porch. Here are a few pictures I have taken of them.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Banana Tree Updates

Well these trees are getting big. The Misi Luki pup is starting its 2nd leaf. The ice cream banana pup that the lawnman weedwacked has its 4th new leaf coming out. The apple and williams hybrid still have no pups but the are spitting out new leaves about every 4 or 5 days. Pictures 1 &2 are the Misi Luki bananas, 3& 4 are the ice cream bananas, 5 is the apple banana, and the 6th is the williams hybrid.

Almost There

The Paphiopedilum orchid is almost open. These are from this afternoon.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Starting a Batch of Dypsis Seeds

A few days ago I received some new seeds in the mail. They have been soaking in warm water for 3 days. I have 20 Dypsis lastelliana seeds or Redneck Palm and 30 Dypsis hovomanstina seeds. I started the 20 redneck palm seeds in a snap-tite container along with 20 of the Dypsis hovomanstina seeds in another snap-tite container. These were placed in a 50%perlite and 50% peat moss mix. Then I placed 10 of the Dypsis hovomanstina seeds in a ziplock bag with a seed starting mix. They have been placed in the seed room and as soon as a sprout pops I will update.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tonights Paph Pictures

Tonight there is a little more progress on the Paphiopedilum orchid. These pictures came out better than last nights. It is almost completely open. The second picture is looking up from underneath the flower.

Orchid Flower Close Ups

Tonight I finally set up a black background and took some close up pictures of a few of the blooming Phalaenopsis orchids. The first 2 pictures are the Gold Coin from an earlier post, but the rest of these are NOID yet orchids so if you can name any of these please let me know. So I must say these are some of my best pictures yet. The black background makes all the difference. If you click on the picture they have some incredible detail. It is so amazing how each orchid has its own unique features.