Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Palm Sprouts Today!

What a day! I came home from work and began playing in the yard. As I was walking around doing the watering I came across the first sprout of the day. My first Coconut Palm has cracked the shell and is making its first appearance. I thought these were never going to sprout. I collected these coconuts on the beach back in Nov. And finally today the first 1 has started. Next I was watering on the porch and noticed 2 spikes sticking out of the Tersmannia altifrons or Joey Palms pots. These were started on the blog back on Feb. 7 here is a link to the post on the Joey Seeds. I have also moved all of the snap tite containers to the porch and the Dypis lastelliana or Redneck Palm Seed container had 2 sprouts in it. These were started on the blog Mar. 25 and here is the link to that post on the Redneck Seeds. And I also have the first Roystonea borinquena, or Puerto Rican Royal Palm seeds that I started in the experiment post back on Feb. 1 This was one of the scored seeds from the cups. Heere is the link to the Seed Experiment Post. And since were talking sprouts this morning I woke up to find the 6th Ice Cream Banana pup just breaking the surface of the ground.

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