Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Misi Luki Banana Pup Removal Project

Back in Nov. 07 I planted a Misi Luki and Apple Banana Tree in my back yard and with a new game plan and layout for the new patio to come the trees are going to have to go. My plan is to allow the mother trees to finish growing, but I decided it was time to move the pups off of the Misi Luki tree. I have began another section of the yard for banana alley and have all of the other banana trees growing there now. And with the pups from these two banana trees I will have quite the dessert banana collection growing there.
So this was my first time removing pups from a mother tree, and I think it went pretty good. I had 4 pups that needed to be removed. Before I started I grabbed a few 3gal pots and filled them with a little potting soil. Then I took the shovel and slid it down between the pup and the mom. Then cutting it away I tried to remove as many roots as possible with each of the pups. Then I potted them up and treated them with some vitamin B1. I figured growing them in the pots for a little while will be beneficial for them in developing more roots before I replant them again. I gave one of them to Aaron from AYiFP to add to his banana collection. So here are the pictures from the project.

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  1. Thanks for posting pics of your banana tree and pup "whelping". I have several bananas, but did not know which was misi luki til I found this site.

    Susie in Chokoloskee