Monday, May 12, 2008

First Gladiolus Blooms!

Back on Feb 24 I purchase some flower bulbs from a Dollar Store on clearance for $.50 a pack. I came home and started all of them. These are the first bulbs that I have tried to grow. Well, after a few months I have been rewarded with the first blooms from the Gladiolus. These are some of the pictures that I took along the way.


  1. I love that color. It looks good enought to eat.

  2. I bought two sets of Dollar Tree Gladiolus bulbs - yellow and purple. here is my blog if you want to see mine (when, and if, they bloom) I'm wondering when mine will bloom, you already had blooms in may! Your dollar tree glads blooming has given me hope!

    I love all your pictures, you are very thorough. My blog is sort of like yours in that I like to track my plants' growth too. Thanks for all your great pictures!