Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Close Up Pictures of a Tillandsia fasciculata , or Cardinal Air Plant in Bloom!

Tillandsia fasciculata , or Quill-Leaf , Cardinal Air Plant , Wild Pineapple are a few names I have heard this native Florida Bromeliad called. These grow wild all over the neighborhood, and while I was walking my property I came across this fallen limb that was full of them. I brought them back to the house and have been taking care of them since. These 2 have been blooming for weeks now. 1 is further along than the other. The interesting thing is that once these are done blooming they die. There are several new pups growing on this same limb so we will see if I can mange to grow the babies to bloom. Here are a few close ups of the plants growing on the limb I found.

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