Friday, May 2, 2008

Bismarckia nobilis , Silver Bismarck Palm , Bismark Palm Pictures & Slideshow

This is one of the top palms on my list of coolest palm trees. This Madagascar native, Bismarckia nobilis , or Silver Bismarck stands out! Some have more blue/silver coloring than others. Some can be almost white. The leaves a very stiff, heavy and have a waxy coating, especially the blue/silver form- waxy coating can be rubbed off with your hand to expose the green leaf beneath. These palm trees have one of the most massive and impressive crowns of all the palms, and fairly fast growers here in FL. In my opinion one of the toughest looking palms around. These pictures are nice specimens from around town. These first 2 show how the Bismarck stands out over all the other trees.

These are the Bismarcks that are growing in my yard. I purchased these back in Nov 07 and I am very excited about the warm weather so these can begin their growth spirt.


  1. That's a really good-looking palm. Very unusual colour. I wonder if it will grow in Britain...

  2. That palm is totally new to me. What a beautiful color. I think it would go with any other color. Honestly, in the photos it looks ghostly. amazing!

  3. It's evidently the commonest palm in Madagascar--it's possible to see individual crowns on some Google Earth imagery. As best I can tell, it's native to frost-free environments, so it is kind of surprising that there are some tall Bismarckias in Orlando.