Friday, May 23, 2008

The Alligator on the Palm Tree Pictures!

The other day I was along the shore of the St Lucie River when I came across an awesome photo opportunity. This area is has a number of Sabal Palms that grow sideways thanks to hurricanes and erosion along the shoreline. As I was taking in the scenery I came across this 4ft alligator laying on the trunk of 1 of these leaning Sabals. Incredibly these tree can have their trunks completely submersed in the water and still continue to grow. As you can see in the pictures it made for a perfect sunning area for the gator. Also perched on 1 of the other palms was a Great Egret.


  1. How lucky for you to catch that lazy aligator sunning himself :)

  2. What a breathtaking scenery. Something we can't even imagine in our part of the world. Never mind the gators. Stunning photos of incredible palm trees!