Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Visit From The Plant Fairy!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a some very nice people that found my blog and live locally here. They come across plants pretty regular in there line of work and asked if I had a home for any plants. Well I am 1 never to turn down plants so I said anything you would like to offer I can find a home for. Well a couple days later when I woke up on my front yard were 18 Silver Buttonwood Bushes, or Button Mangroves. I was ecstatic! I began to clean a section of the fence line in the backyard and now they have found a new home instead of being disposed of. They have been in the ground now for just over a week a seem to be doing pretty good. I treated all of the holes with PolyStart and have been watering everyday. I cut them back by about a 1/3 and I am hoping that all 18 of them make it. Here are a few pictures of the Buttons on the days they went in. And I noticed I had not cleaned up before taking the pictures.

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