Monday, May 12, 2008

Just Another Yard in Fort Pierce w/ Zamia furfuracea or Carboard Palms For Sale!

Since I have begun this blog I have met a variety of people. Some local some not so local, but the really exciting part are the local plant people's response when I talk about My yard in Fort Pierce. I have had several Emails from people offering me plants and open invitations to visit there yards. Well this is another 1 of those invites and I have some really sweet pictures from who we will call the "CP Lady" CP standing for Cardboard Palm because she has lots and lots of large Cardboard Palms For Sale. So if anyone is interested in some large pots of Cardboard Palms Email me at Here are the pictures of the Zamia furfuracea, or Carboard Palms. She said they are starting out at $25. These things are old and huge!

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