Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wild Florida Encyclia tampensis orchids in Spike! Update

Today on my lunch break I stopped by my property to check up on the Encyclia tampensis orchids. They should be close to blooming. These guys are almost there. Maybe another week or so and we should have some really good pictures of these flowers. But in the mean time I took a few more pictures of the orchids in spike growing on 1 of the old oak trees. I also got the best side of the resident gator today. The backside, he was under a tree sitting in the shade, but facing the other direction. His whole body was out of the water today so I was able to get a good size judgment on him and he is every bit of 6ft if not more. My cheap camera has a crappy zoom and of course he is always on the other side of the water. Then 1 last picture of a lizard sitting on the flowers of the silver saw palmetto. (patiently waiting for the seeds on this 1).

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