Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Update on the Project Orchids!

I have done a few posts on the blooms of my Phalaenopsis Naples nights x (Petite rose x Glad melinda), along with the phal I also am growing a Dendrobium Cathy Beck, and an Enc. Atronecium - cordigera 'Multi' x Enc. cordigera 'Giant'. Well tonights post is an update for all the people following the progress of the orchids. The first is going to be the Phal. The second flower opened today. Next is the Enc. I had a new growth, that was on the plant when I got it. The new growth or at least what I thought was a new growth is not doing that well. It has turned a dark brown/black and not putting out any new leaves. But I have new growth that has started since I have had the plant and we will see how it goes. I have other Enc.'s that are thriving right now and they are located inches apart from each other. So I am not to sure what the problem is. And the last one to report on is the Den. Not to much new stuff just steadily putting up new leaves on the new growth but the old cane has not changed since I received it from Jerry.


  1. Those are amazing!

    How hard is it to sustain orchids? Are there any varieties that are easier then others?

    I need to come by more often.

  2. Yo Cuh, I tagged you today. Check my blog here
    for details, DO IT!