Thursday, June 26, 2008

Encyclia cochleata Bloom

I bought this Encyclia cochleata from a garage sale back on 3/30. I did not know what it was until the flowers began to open. What a pleasant surprise on this 1. Encyclia's are my favorite orchids so there was no hesitation when the lady told me $5, but they did not have the name. Well I found pictures of it and it is commonly known as the Cockleshell Orchid, because of the shape of the lip. I have also seen it called an Octopus orchid, because of the shape of the flower, the lip is the body and the petals, are the tentacles. This orchid is very easy to grow and stays in bloom throughout the year in cultivation. The plant is attractive, with a relatively large psuedobulb and at least two dark green leaves proportionate to them. The inflorescence rises above them and nicely displays the flowers, borne 3-4 at a time consecutively throughout the year. The lip does have a purple so dark in it, that it appears black. The first picture is from the day it came home with me back in Mar, and rest are scattered from the past few weeks.