Sunday, June 15, 2008

I am Back and I Have Vacation Pictures!

After 11 days of no posting I am Back. I have had a fantastic adventure across the North East with my fiancee and her family. Begining in Boston for a wedding. WOW what a town. We arrived the same night as game 1 of the NBA Finals and the town was pack full of fans. I was there for 3 days staying in the financial district at the Hilton. I had a blast taking a trip down the Freedom Trail visiting Boston Habor, and attending a spectacular wedding on the 33rd floor of the E Trade Building at the State Room over looking Boston. Not to mention the countless visits to the many pubs located downtown. I could comeback here and spend weeks trying to see all of the different historical sites. The few that I did get to see were incredible. Faneuil Hall, The State House, Boston Commons, the Harbor, and the many Churches and cemeteries. After the wedding we planned to take a trip to NY. This is my first time to NYC. I tried to imagine how it would be, but once you get there it is more than you ever could imagine. I only had 1 1/2 days herebut got a lot in. Started at the Today Show and Rockefeller Center, then the Staten Island Ferry, next I made a trip down Wall Street, next we stopped by thr WTC site. That was very emotionel. The stroy about St Pauls Church blew me away. This church is located directly across the street from the WTC and when they came down a Sycamore Tree outside of the church was knocked over and protected the church. Not 1 single pane of glass was broken in the church. Next we made it to Canal St. this place as every Knock off available. After that we booked it up to the Natural History Muesum. We only had a few hours in there because the closed at %. Next we took a stroll through Central Park and stopped by the John Lennon Mosaic and took a picture in front of Strawberry Field. Then a stop by the Dakota's for a visit of a friend and ended at Time Sq. I could spend weeks here as well. This is a slide show of some of the pictures of my trip.

The sad part of my away time from the blog was my grandmother went in the hospital the day I left on my trip. My mom did not tell me to much while I was gone but when I came back I found out they had put her in Hospice. After 6 days in Hospice I came back and went and saw her. I told her I loved her and gave her a kiss. 2 hours later she passed away. She was a rock in my live. I only have a few of these and she is the second one that I have lost. The first being my dad back in 2001. This is a picture of my grandma and me in 1981 at River Kountry, Disney World.

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