Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Blc. Husky Boy 'Romeo' Orchids New Home

I bought these Blc. Husky Boy 'Romeo' back in March they had a beautiful yellow flower. Here is a link to the original post that shows Blc. Husky Boy 'Romeo' in bloom. Well I had the idea of another coconut mount for these and came up with this. I took a coconut that had not matured and allowed it to dry out. This is what happened. When it is not fully developed they will shrivel up as they dry. This put a very nice drain hole in the bottom. I took a saw and cut the top off. Then placed the orchids inside. This was perfect. But no I had to keep messing with it and broke off a new growth. I took this as a lesson to leave well enough alone. Here are the pictures of the Blc. Husky Boy 'Romeo'.

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