Monday, June 2, 2008

Lily of the Nile, African Lily ( Agapanthus africanus ) Slideshow!

I have had a couple of these Agapanthus africanus , or Lily of the Nile and African Lily for a few months. When I purchased these lilies they were just beginning to put up their spikes and show the first buds. I have a slide show showing the progress over the past month and a half from the blooms to the flowers. There are pictures from 2 different lilies in this mix.

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  1. I've been frequently reading your blog, as a fellow Floridian just getting into gardening (Daytona area). I was at the Epcot flower and garden festival last weekend and saw some beautiful plants, many of which I could name, but saw one in particular that I was going to print out the pic and take it to our local nursery - just read this blog - it was the African Lily!! Thanks so much for your postings and the many many pics, you've been helping me learn more and more about tropical gardening and plants!