Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Musa acuminata , Ice Cream Banana

This Ice Cream Banana was planted in the ground back in Dec 07. Here are the current pictures. It now has its 6th pup coming up. The largest pup is acually one of the newest pups. The first pic from 1/13/08 shows the banana tree and the 3 pups that came with the tree when I bought it. And here is a link to all of the other posts that I have done on my Ice Cream Banana.

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  1. i was thrilled to find your blog---i love banana trees--have several in the garden in the california desert.check out these two sites for lots of pictures---we just had a banana harvest and more on the way. go to the photo gallery and a few days ago i did a banana post. i have an apple banana and a goldfinger. enjoy---i will put you in my google reader and check back.