Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Palms of Macaw Mountain Honduras

This was a breath taking view. 1 side the Atlantic Ocean and the other the Caribbean Sea the island of Roatan splitting the 2. On top of Macaw Mountain you could see for miles.
All of the Sabal Palms are Sabal mauritiiformis and the others are Attalea cohunes

And these are Acrocomia aculeata or Macaw Palm and Gru Gru Palm and they are growing on the side of Macaw Mountain...umh!
And a headless Macaw Palm
Licuala grandis Ruffled Fan Palm I found growning at a Dive Resort
Half Moon Bay , West End

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  1. Your palm knowledge extends to foreign countries too?! Seriously though, you really know a lot of palms. These are great photos. Take care.