Monday, January 26, 2009

Burnt Banana's!

This past week week had some cold air blast the area and 2 nights in a row we got to around 31 degrees. We know from last year what happens to the nana's when it gets that cold. They get burnt, and this year I have banana's that are almost ready. I do not know what will come from the banana's that are still on the tree. They are still flowering but all of the leafs to the mother tree are dead. I wonder if the will be able to produce enough energy to fininsh the flowering. Here are some pictures of my burnt banana's I will try to name all the 1's I know. Thanks to the Banana Lady I have a few now that are unknown until they flower.

Ice Cream Banana

Misi Luki on left Manzano Apple on rightGoldfinger
Goldfinger left, Pisang middle, Williams Hybrid back right
Unknown, maybe praying hands or 30ft tall monster we will see
Manzano Apple Banana Flower Burnt!
Misi Luki Banana Rack
The burnt fruit.


  1. Wow, that's really sad. Be sure to post an update. I'm curious as to whether you would have to sacrifice all the above-ground parts in order for the below-ground parts to survive. Good luck!

  2. You should try eating the flower, it is quite tasty!!!