Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lazy Gator Pictures!

On my lunch break today I took a cruise through White City park and I saw this lazy gator posted up on a fallen oak trunk sunning. Not until I was going through the pictures did I notice the turtle on another limb. An on a lucky snap a blue heron flew through the picture. Here are my shots. My camera sucks and the zoom is not that good. 1 day I will save enough money to buy a nice Canon, and take some really nice pics.


  1. That gator has the life! I'm jealous.... :)

  2. You might not think these are good photos, but here I am in N. Illinois looking out the window at a white canvas...these were wonderful to me. I can't imagine going for a ride on a lunch break and seeing sights like these.

  3. I'm jealous, too. I've been to Australia some time ago and it was kind like this. And I really miss this time.

  4. Balisha - Thanks for the reality check. I am very lucky. This sub tropical paradise has it all.

    Angie he does, he is there almost everyday basking in the afternoon sun.

    Tagesgeldkonto I wish to make it there 1 day.

    and Sydney Plumber...Super!