Friday, September 5, 2008

Here We Flood Again!

This morning I went out to check up on the yard after an all night rain with more expected today as Hurricane Hanna races past us through the Bahamas right now. This is what I saw. It is not the amount of rain we have had because that is just a few inches, but it has no were to go. My yard has been so saturated.


  1. Oh no! I was watching the news this morning around 4am and they showed that Ft. Pierce was getting slammed. I had a feeling you'd be flooded again since the ground hasn't had a chance to dry out yet.

    Are you on the list to rent that pump again? Hope you don't get too much more before Hanna moves on. We haven't had much rain here in Brevard Co (so far).

  2. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I really like yours too, a friend of mine already recommended it to me. I love the pics of your yard & the gorgeous orchids. We too are still a bit water logged which has become a PERFECT breeding area for the mosquitos! Thanks again and take care!

  3. Bummer! Mike,
    When I lived in delta, my backyard looked like that after every rain. You more than anyone can see, to grow Oriental lilies I had to put them in a pot. Thank Goodness we live on a hill now. My sympathy is with you in dealing with this water. I wanted to say take some time out for a Happy Birthday.

  4. Thanks for the thoughts all. We have dried out again!

    Mother Nature, Thank You very much I did in deed have a very Happy Birthday...Thanks

  5. Ohh... Yhe... It´s must be hard to have those storms coming every year?
    I think that your photo with the bird at the top of this page are amazing! Is it from your naborhod?

  6. thanks for the comment! love your blog! sorry about all the rain/flood problems (I dread hurricane season) but maybe there will be some good to come of it yet? well at least you don't have to run the sprinklers quite so much (lol)!

  7. What a shame when mother Nature turns against your finest try to follow her footsteps. Hopefully you won't have to prepare for the storm. Best wishes and take care!