Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Few Blooming Vanda Orchids

These Vanda orchids are growing in the Crapemyrtle tree on the SE corner of the house. I have posted these orchids separately a few other times but I have 3 blooming at the same time for the first time with another in spike. Here are the pictures of these beautiful Blooming Vanda Orchids!

Vanda Pachara Delight

Ascocenda Betty May Steel x Vanda Kasem's Delight Blue hybrid

Vanda Kinzwueker x Ascocenda Guo Chai Long


  1. Wow, three at once that's amazing and your photos are crystal clear.

    Good stuff!


  2. I just love how the three colors are so bright, not to mention the blue one, lol! Good growing!

  3. beautiful pictures, I've always wondered where Vanda orchids gre in the wild.

  4. Wow, those are just amazing!

  5. Thanks for the comments guys!, I will have the 4th blooming before Christmas. These seem to be very happy!