Monday, October 27, 2008

Orchid Show Pictures

On Oct 20 the Fort Pierce Orchid Society show was full of unbelievable orchids. I took lots of pictures and also Scored. I did not have that much money I could spend and needed some supplies so my orchid buying was going to be very limited. They were selling raffle tickets 20 for $5. You had a choose of 16 prizes to drop your ticket into. 1 ticket went into each bucket with a few being doubled up. When the began to call the winning numbers at the end of the day Monique pulled the tickets out and by the 3rd prize my number was called and I won a Blc. Aroma gold "Charngmarg", well 6 more numbers later Monique had another number called. This orchid was a Blc. Bread Beauty 'True Love'. Now the ladies were like yall our so lucky with a sign of pee-turbed-ness under their breath. The funniest part was the 2nd to last prize was another 1 of our numbers, We were so Lucky that day. This orchid was a Bc. Island Charm'O.C.' So the first pictures are of the orchids won from the door prize drawings. And the last ones are random shots from the show.

All 3 of the Winners

Bc. Island Charm'O.C.'

Blc. Aroma gold 'Charngmarg'

Blc. Bread Beauty 'True Love'

And The Randoms From The Show
many are label in the picture by a tag


  1. An orchid lover's dream come true! You were very lucky, way to go. Those catts are quite handsome. I can only imagine an orchid show in Florida, land of orchids, the fragrance must have been intoxicating.

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  2. those are gorgeous! how lucky you are!

  3. What a fantasic show, absolutely gorgeous. I'm a big big fan of Orchids and have a few plants and just now I have two babies that I'm really proud of. I will show you them later in a post. It's the first time that I ever got a baby plant and I find it most fascinating/ LOL Tyra